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The American Business History Center

Nothing in business is new. If business leaders and entrepreneurs can better learn from the past, they can be better equipped to handle the challenges of the future. The American Business History Center is dedicated to motivating and inspiring the world to uncover the past. Podcasts, web articles, and books forthcoming.

Tuesday Morning Posts

Every Tuesday morning I post up a new photo and writing on Instagram. See here.


Building the greatest compilations, discussions, and comparisons of long-term change through time ever assembled.  Trends in the largest sense, in every aspect of life.  From 3-10 years for short-term looks, up to a million or more years for fundamental trends.

Annual Photo

Every December 11th I post a new annual photo. This is year 6.

My Projects

Past Projects

50 States in 2016

I travelled all 50 states in 2016 and wrote about it on instagram … I printed those posts into a book – Amazon – Chasing the Blur: a photojourneying wander to 50 States in 1 year. Send me a direct message twitter/instagram – I’ll send you a copy  – twitter @davestanwick instagram @davestanwick


A fun project to share the stories of the great and emerging tech companies in Austin, Texas.